Friday, May 24, 2019

Surface Pattern Design and Ukulele

I know it has been several months since I posted here. I am still working on my Smallkeedtime Hawaii webcomic, but it is up on Tapas now. I have 2 webcomics. The second one is a hand-drawn one called Diary of a Tiny Asian Mom.

Smallkeedtime Hawaii:

Diary of a Tiny Asian Mom:

I also started designing patterns for fabric which will be up on Spoonflower in a little over a week. I guess they call it Surface Pattern Design. I will eventually expand to selling the designs on other sites, but right now it will be exclusively on Spoonflower.

My cousin, Janet Furutani, makes quilts and sells them on Amazon Marketplace. I got some advice from her and apparently a lot of people make quilts and sell them. So, my designs are made for the quilter in mind, but can also be made into children's clothing. Some can also be made for adults.

I am not sending the fabric out to customers myself. Spoonflower does the printing and the shipping. They also have wallpaper and gift wrap.

My plan is to post the fabric designs on this blog with a drawing of what it could look like as sewn clothing. Hopefully, I will have time to do that!

On another note (no pun intended) my son and I are learning how to play the ukulele. It is so fun! I guess there is a resurgence in interest for it which I didn't know until I started looking into it online. We went to a Hawaiian festival 2 weekends ago and were excited to see the ukulele booth. I bought a chord chart and my son bought a capo. I had no idea what that was!

There is another Hawaiian festival coming up next weekend which I'm excited to go to because I want to get a ukulele strap. I made one out of a ribbon I had from a bouquet of flowers. It changes the sound coming out of the ukulele, so I'm just going to get a strap. I had one in my hand at the other festival, but put it back. I should have listened to my inner voice telling me to just buy the strap. There will be performers there, too which I'm looking forward to seeing as well.

I typed in "ukulele" on Instagram and saw a lot of videos of people playing ukulele and they had AMAZING voices! And how are they playing will long polished nails?! I'm clipping mine down as far as they can go so I can press down on the strings without the nail getting in the way. Geez.

The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival is coming up in a few months. I would like to go and be able to play a few songs with the other people in the workshops there. Looks like fun!

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