Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Inktober days 1-3

I'm back from a long absence. I was working on a comic for a contest, but I had to drop out of the contest because of some major life hiccups. I'm still working on my comic, but not at the pace I was going before. I have 5 episodes up so far. Here's the link on Line Webtoon if you're interested:

On another note, it's time for Inktober! These drawings are for the first 3 days. I heard about Girltober yesterday and noticed that other people posted inspiring women. I decided to participate today, so I drew the woman who inspired me to make comics, Lynda Barry! Her comics are funny and moving. You may not think the drawings are very pretty, but I love their charm and I love the characters. She is good friends with The Simpsons creator, Matt Groening. They went to college together and you can see the influence each has on the other as far as drawing style.

This has been kind of a crummy year so far, but it's supposed to rain today which I am looking forward to. We need that rain!

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  1. You did each of these in one day? Impressive comeback to your blog.