Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me - Crossover Artist hit songs

Akon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but his family comes from Senegal, West Africa. He had a hit dance song in India called Chammak Challo. It's in English and Hindi. Below are two videos. One is the "making of" video. He did a good job! The other is the music video with Bollywood dancers. If my knee wasn't messed up, I would be dancing to this song right now.

Selena was an American singer from Texas who was killed by a crazy fan. She had to learn Spanish to gain an audience. There was a movie done based on her life starring Jennifer Lopez. The song is I Could Fall in Love by Selena Quintanilla.

Stan by Eminem and Dido. Rap/pop crossover. Warning, this is the uncensored version because I think these words need to be said. It's a moving story about a crazy fan.

Rap/rock crossover by Aerosmith & Run DMC. I love this song.

Old pop (Elvis) and reggae - UB40 (I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You. I was a big reggae fan back in the day...

My family is from Hawaii, so I have to include this song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole aka Bruddah IZ. Over the Rainbow. I hear it everywhere now, commercials, TV, movies, etc. He used to have concerts in town in an intimate arena where he was in a concert theatre close to the audience, but I never went to them. My parents used to go see him because he was my dad's favorite. One of my regrets is never going to see him because I was in college and "too busy." I should've made time because he's gone now.

When my son graduated last week, they played this song after the ceremony. My husband and I cried because we took it as a sign that my dad was there in spirit. He passed away when my son was 6 and my son looks like him. My cousin from Hawaii was with us. As soon as we heard, "Okay, this one's for Kevin" the three of us immediately turned our heads because we recognized the song before any of the notes were hit. It was funny.

My dad was depressed when he was dying, but I brought the CD player over next to his bed and played IZ's songs. It made him feel better.

He missed Hawaii and the people he knew there. I didn't realize how much he missed them until recently. On Facebook last month, I met his cousins who lived across the street from him when he was a kid. One of them told me they had a big get-together with their classmates which they do every year. She said my dad had called and talked to about a dozen of them. They were all surprised and happy he called. I guess he called to say goodbye because he was dying at the time. He used to be a handsome, popular guy when he was a kid and always the life of the party. Sometimes he would joke about all the girlfriends he had. He was also a troublemaker, a colorful character, so I created a character in one of my comics based on him. I'm hoping to gather more funny stories about him so I can put them in my comics.

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  1. I SO did NOT know that about Stan by Eminem and Dido & the Rap/pop crossover. wow... but I must say your very last one I did know about because he is one of my favorite singers. Love this one soooooooooo much! Thanks for all the neat info! I just got back from out-of-town wedding so I have many to leave a comment by and do a quick boogie! ~hehehe~ Thanks for rockin' out with us and you did a great job on our theme!!! hugs

  2. Kimberly,

    You shared some interesting, mostly new mewsic with me on the dance floor today. I've heard the crossover Aerosmith & Run DMC song in years' past. I think the video is a lot of fun. Believe it or not, I don't remember listening to any of Selena's mewsic before now. I'm really glad you shared "I Could Fall in Love". She had a lovely voice. How sad that she died at the hands of an unstable fan. IZ's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is a favorite and last night we finally caught up on all the episodes of this season's American Idol and the two finalist sang IZ's version. I'm sorry to read about your dad's passing years ago but it's nice that you have special song to think of him whenever you hear it and how wonderful that must have been that your son's graduation played it. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me, my friend.

  3. Very lovely songs. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  4. Wow, some of these I have not heard in forever! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I've heard the Aerosmith/Run DMC song and UB40's song, and Stan (Eminem is either, to me, not worth listening to, or a genius, depending on the song - this one is the later) I also had heard of Selena but never heard her sing and what a pure voice she had. And so does Bruddah IZ - what a voice. Glad you shared these with us - thank you.

  6. Awesome song choices, Kimberly! Some of those were new to me, so thanks for the introduction. But most of all, thanks for the dance! :)