Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel - Pet Peeves

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to drink my coffee out of my Stranger Things mug. Coffee and Contemplation. Can't wait for the season to start up again in October.

My random thoughts this morning while I was my the way to the gym were pet peeves. Everybody has weird pet peeves. One of mine is Victoria's Secret. The secret is, their underwear is uncomfortable and gives you wedgies. I get that they are supposed to be sexy but the bottom line is they ride up my butt when I walk and the bra straps fall off my shoulders no matter how much I adjust them. Lace undies are scratchy. Being sexy is not comfortable. If men had to wear these things, there would be a whole lotta complainin' goin' on.

Another thing that annoys me are unsharpened pencils. When I draw, I like a sharp precise line. A fat pencil makes the line ambiguous sometimes. My youngest son likes to draw, but he draws until the pencil leads are down to nubs. Ack! They bug me so I end up sharpening them all. He doesn't really care, but he just simply says, "Thank you, Mom" and walks off.

I saw a video of the comic artist Jim Lee doing demos of his drawings. His drawings are amazing, but guess what? He draws with dull pencils. AAAAGGHH! It makes me cringe, but I learned something. Dull pencils aren't necessarily bad. He doesn't like sharpened pencils, in fact. Hmm. Maybe I need to learn to work with dull pencils. I have to study his drawing methods later. But for now I can't break this neurosis so I'm going to keep sharpening my pencils.

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  1. Kimberly,

    I don't like dull pencils, especially where precision is needed. I love sexy underwear but I get what you're saying. These lovely garments aren't always comfortable. But, VS used to have a line of undies and bras that laid flat, showing no lines or seams which I liked. I haven't bought anything from them in years. My VS garments are in good shape since I save them for special occasions. ;) lol