Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel - Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I thought about where I wanted to eat. I was going to choose Indian food, but we eat Indian food every month if not twice a month. So, I thought El Torito brunch buffet which is amazing! I remember waiting for a long time to be seated one Mother's Day because everyone wants to eat there, so that was a no.

I chose the haunted Old Spaghetti Factory because I love their gluten free pasta. My youngest son and I tried the cotton candy limeade. It came with blue cotton candy on the straw! How fun!

I tried to draw an elderly lady at the next table, but I'm not used to drawing older people so of course my drawing sucked. It's hard to draw in public without the person or the person's family and friends noticing, so I had to just glance at her and memorize her face. Maybe that's why my drawing didn't turn out so good.

After that, I was so sleepy! I didn't want to go anywhere else but home to take a nap. I think I took a 3-hour nap! I usually don't have time to take naps! Since I wasn't doing any cooking or cleaning, I was able to take advantage of some sleep time.

When I woke up, I found my husband sleeping as well. lol After he woke up, we went to dinner at The Original Thai BBQ a couple of cities over. Their spare ribs and shrimp rice with honey sauce is so good! We probably go there once a year and order the same dish every time. It's the best thing on the menu. It's in Cerritos and Glendale in California. I had a Thai iced coffee which did not keep me awake at night because I was tired again really early despite taking a nap as well.

My kids made me this card:

My older son did a good job at drawing Moomin! I thought he might have traced it, but he didn't. I have gotten into Moomin a lot lately.

My younger son drew the heart coming out of the pea shooter from the Plants vs. Zombies game. It was so touching! I used to play that game, but in the game it shoots peas, not hearts. I thought it was a sweet thing to draw coming out of the pea shooter.

My mom didn't want to get together for Mother's Day because we're going to see her for her birthday next weekend.

We had breakfast on Sat. with my husband's mom and partner. We went to Bob's Hawaiian Style restaurant which is close to her house. They had something that all of us could eat with all of our dietary restrictions. Not the healthiest food, so it was delicious!

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