Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me - Songs that start with the letters in my name


This post has been updated because I just figured out how to add videos to the post. Enjoy!

I didn't get the chance to post for Monday's Music Moves Me since I just
joined today (Tuesday), but here's my post for songs that start with the
letters in my name:

K is for Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas. There was an old Elvis documentary that showed a montage of Elvis doing karate and this was the song they played over it. It was so cool, but I was
never able to find the video on YouTube. This is also the song that goes
off as an alarm to let me know it's time to go to the dojo. Hahaha! Here it is with Bruce Lee clips.

I is for I Knew I Loved you by Savage Garden. This was our wedding song. "I knew I
loved you before I met you. I think I breathed you into life." Yeah,
yeah, it might be cheesey, but it's a romantic song! After our wedding,
we noticed that a couple of our friends chose the same song for their
wedding. Hey, it's catching on!

M is for Madame Pavoshko by Black M. This is a French pop/rap song that is very upbeat. I love it!
If you understand French, it's very funny! It's about the singer who talks to his old counselor who didn't think he would amount to anything. "This song is dedicated to Madame Pavoshko. Do you remember me, Monsieur Dialo?" No, he's not in prison, he tells her. Now he's
successful rapping and has hits that even her kids love. "Your
kids adore me." "If you want we can tweet each other." The music video has a clip of a guy going in to see his guidance counselor Madame Pavoshko. She asks
him what he wants to do as a profession. He says he wants to be Michael Jackson
(mind you, this is a white guy in the video). She snobbily says
something like, "No, that's not a profession." I don't think you need to understand French to get this video.

B is for Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie. I like to think I can sing well when I sing
along to this song, but I probably sound like an American Idol reject.
My favorite verses in this song are "Like a little schoolmate in the
school yard, we'll play jacks and little cards. I'll be your best friend
and you'll be my valentine. Yes, you can hold my hand if you want to
and I'm gonna hold yours too. We'll be playmates and lovers and share
our secret words."

E is for Every Day I Write The Book by Elvis Costello. I love his voice and style of singing! I chose this song because every day I'm working on my book/comic. Haha!

R is for Real Slim Shady by Eminem. There are so many good R songs! I chose this one
because I just like Eminem. I'm not a big rap fan, but I do appreciate a
variety of music. My other choices were Rain by Madonna (because I want
it to rain already!), Reaching Out by Steel Pulse, Reason by Savage
Garden (but I already chose a song by them), and Reasons by Earth, Wind,
and Fire.

L is for La Noyée by Carla Bruni. I guess this would be called a sad love song. Carla Bruni is a former model and the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, former president of France. The lyrics in the clip
below are not exactly what I translate in my head, but I don't know who
is right or wrong. It sounds like an old 60s style French love song
which is what I like about it. Here it is:

Y is for You Got It All by The Jets. They were big in the 80s and a family group. I
had forgotten all about them until a few months ago and then started
listening to them constantly. Their songs reminded me of my childhood.

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  1. Kimberly,

    'Kung Fu Fighting' brings back such fun memories from way-back-when days. You put the move in my groove with the first letter in name. ;) Naturally, I know Savage Garden's song 'I Knew I Love You' as well at The Jets 'You Got It All'. I, too forgot about this group and this song was so popular in the 80s. Great walk down memory lane! All of your other selections are new-to-me but I'm be like, "I like them! I like them!" Well...Eminem not so much but I appreciated the introduction all the same. :) I'm so happy you decided to join the Monday's Music Moves Me gang on the dance floor. It was great to boogie with you this morning! Have a groovy day, my friend!

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    Welcome to the 4M Gang! Good to have you onboard. So glad you figured out how to add the videos into the post. It's fun, isn't it? I had so much fun with this theme that I actually put together three playlists using my names! I haven't checked my comments yet so not sure if you've stopped by my blog yet but looking forward to getting to know you. This is a fun blog hop.

    Great song choices for your name. I hadn't heard Kung Fu Fighting in so long so that was fun.
    I also love The Jets "You Got It All"...In fact I'm playing it now for the second time. :)

    I haven't heard any Elvis Costello in ages! Although this song is new to me. Most of the other songs here are new to me so thanks for the introduction to them! The Savage Garden song sounds familiar. What a great wedding song! It's perfect! And you started a trend... :)

    As I sign off here, I'm listening to Kung Fu Fighting again. It's a fun song to start my day...

    Again, welcome to the group Kimberly! I like the name of your blog.
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. Nice job with this, Kimberly! Nice variety in styles and eras, too. Welcome to M^4!

  4. Thans for sharing your name in songs.

  5. I have not heard that Jets song in years and years. Kung Fu Fighting is so much fun and the French rap song, I thought, was amusing (I don't speak French but my husband does speak it somewhat). Some nice upbeat stuff for a Saturday evening (Saturday as I write this).