Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me - May 28 - My Choice(s)

This is one of my favorite songs from a band that many people don't know about or have forgotten.

The Cult of Personality by Living Colour.

I never get tired of The Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band and I play it for my kids once in a while. They like it, too and they like the story.

Here's another song I never get tired of. Dragostea Din Tei otherwise known as the Numa Numa Dance made popular worldwide by Gary Brolsma who videotaped himself lipsyncing to the song and sending it to his friend who put it on the internet. This Romanian band is called Ozone.

This is the cutest animated short about love that I've ever seen. It's in French with English subtitles. A Quoi Ça Sert L'Amour by Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo.

I like the original version of Electric Feel by MGMT, but Preston Pohl sang an amazing version on The Voice! Whooo! Smokin'!

This is a local Los Angeles band that they've been playing on the radio called Gamblers Mark. I believe their style is rockabilly. I've heard them sing songs by the Stray Cats. If you like rockabilly, you might like them. Check 'em out...

Those are my musical picks of the day.

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  1. Just when I think I know all the tunes, I get introduced to new ones!
    Thanks :)

  2. Kimberly,

    First off, I'm SOOOO sorry for just now getting a chance to dance with you. *smack self in the head* I got side track doing other things and before I knew what happened the week went zip but in my defense it was a short one to begin with.

    Your dance tunes are all new-to-me except for two - "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" which is a fabulous oldie and "Numa Numa" which fellow 4M party goer introduced to me. Like you I never get tired of watching that YT video. That kid is hilarious! I bet he never imagine it going viral. lol

    Have an awesome weekend and I hope to see you on the dance floor Monday. I will try my best to do better next week, ok? 😘


  3. I knew three of these - I so enjoyed the French short. Yes, love can be like that! As for our present world - Cult of Personality captured it perfectly. Scary to know how old that song is now.

  4. Thanks for the introduction for some of these, Kim! Love hearing new (to me) tunes! :) Hope you're having an awesome weekend!