Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Creative Every Day - Palm Springs Tramway

This is my slice of creativity for the day.

Yesterday, I was reading an article that my husband sent me a week ago. It's about a couple that got lost on a mountain in Palm Springs after taking a cable car to the top. My neighbor just mentioned this cable car to me at the beginning of this month because I was looking for a nice place to go with my husband to celebrate our anniversary which was on May 6. The couple got lost this month 12 years ago and almost died. They got stuck in a gorge and couldn't get out. A man got stuck in the same gorge a year prior and died. They found his journal on May 8. His last entry was on May 8, but a year earlier. What a weird coincidence.

Now I'm glad my husband didn't want to go on this cable car because I can picture that happening to us. It makes me mad that whoever manages that area didn't take precautions against something like this. The search and rescue didn't even look in that gorge for them! Geez! The couple saw the helicopter, but it left. The cable car operator assumed the couple found another way down. Wow. I wonder how many other people this happened to that they don't tell anyone about.

The couple wasn't even planning on going hiking. They were just going to walk around for 15 minutes. I hope the trails are marked better now than they were back then.

The article is called Lost: How a dead man saved two Dallas hikers

I hope you had a creative day!

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  1. I read the story about the couple who got lost in the gorge. I'm afraid of heights so I wouldn't have gone up there, but I can understand how something like that could happen to people. It's scary.