Friday, May 18, 2018

Creative Every Day - Drawing of my cousin, Comment on Hilary Knight

This is a drawing of one of my cousins from the 1970s. I was practicing hairstyles of the era.

My friend just told me about a documentary of Hilary Knight, the illustrator of Eloise written by Kay Thompson. I love his drawings! It's so sad that the author and her family didn't treat him so well. I really have to watch this documentary. My friend said that the author blocked him from legally drawing her character until her estate let him. After she died, her family wanted him to make changes that he didn't want to make, so they fired him. It seems like artists are always crapped on. It's disheartening how selfish and petty people are.

According to my friend, Hilary Knight is still alive! Wow! I really need to look him up to see what he has drawn lately. I refer to his Eloise drawings a lot in hopes that I will learn something from them. The man's got skills!

I hope you have a creative day!

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