Friday, May 25, 2018

Creative Every Day - Colorful Sketchbook

Yesterday I painted backgrounds for my future drawings in my sketchbook. I was looking at and was inspired by Pam Garrison's creative sketchbooking intro video. There are hundreds of classes you can take on the Creative Bug site.

A couple of years ago I decided to add color to my drawing pages. I got a lot of great sketch pages from that. Pam's videos reminded me that I used to do that because her journals are filled with color.

So, yesterday I painted a bunch of pages in a sketchbook that I made a few years ago. I made this sketchbook out of fabric from Joann's Fabrics and learned to make the sketchbook from YouTube videos. I stitched the pages together and used cheap watercolor paper from Michael's.

I intended to draw monsters in this sketchbook, but I never got past the first page because I'm not good at coming up with monsters.

Hopefully I can fill these pages with good drawings.

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Have a creative day!

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