Monday, May 21, 2018

Creative Every Day - Coffee and Mermaid?

I was going to say it is way too early in the morning to be creative, but it's already noon! I think I need a second cup of coffee. My knee is not healed from two weeks ago, so I really shouldn't be drinking coffee. I think the caffeine makes it worse.

I did jump lunges and jump squats with weights and then did Zumba the next day. Toward the end of Zumba, my knees were pissed. I foam rolled them out yesterday, but my dogs thought I was playing around, so they were in my face. I don't want my dog, Bumi, to lick me because he licks my other dog's butt. Plus, he always stinks even after a bath.

I still need a good design for an Asian comic character, so I've been doing studies/copies of Chris Sanders' drawings. Here's one, although she's not really Asian looking. I put my own style into it, so it's not an exact copy. And that ear is way too small! Hahaha!

Coffee is calling me...

I hope you had a creative day!

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