Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Creative Every Day - Character drawing, Old Inktober post, and Zumba

I went to Zumba class today after a long absence and felt my knee swell up in the middle of the class. I made it to the end of class, though because I liked the songs today. I looked around at the younger ladies in the class and remembered when I was that young and had no aging problems. It's so sad getting old! I'm here icing my knee as I type this. I did jumping lunges and squats with weights yesterday, so that's probably why my knees are sore. I guess I should take it easy on some of those jumping exercises.

Anyway, here is my creative post of the day. It's my character, based on me, doing some sort of action pose other than standing around. It's not for my comic directly, but I might have to use a pose like this some day, so I'm practicing. I wanted to add some color to it to make it more interesting, but since I didn't have time to do that I'll post an older piece I did in color.

And here it is! I did this for Inktober a few years ago and people seemed to like it.

I hope you had a creative day!

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