Friday, May 25, 2018

Celebrate The Small Things - Masterclass, Siri, and Dancing

This week I finished watching James Patterson and Steve Martin's Masterclasses.

James Patterson is pretty funny even though he looks so serious. I took a ton of notes. He has a lot of good advice for writers.

Steve Martin went to my university, but I never really got into his type of humor. However, he showed clips of his movies and they were very funny! I put his movies on my "to watch" list for summer viewing with my kids. He sure knows his stuff! I could tell how much experience he has when he sat with a group of young comedians and critiqued their work. It's similar to writing. You cut out all the irrelevant and lengthy stuff to make your comedic story clearer, stronger, and funnier. That was pretty amazing. The students had funny bits, but Steve made them even funnier. You can see their eyes light up in amazement and respect.

This week, I was using Siri's voice recognition to text my friend in France. I can switch to a French keyboard on my phone, but it takes forever to type out all the accents and correct my grammar. With Siri, I was able to speak in French and text my friend so much faster! Siri corrects my grammar and puts the accents in for me! Wow! I love Siri! Or if the grammar is off, Siri will underline it or put in different words. Then I know my grammar is wrong. But she isn't always correct. One time I found a big mistake and said, "Siri! You're supposed to correct my grammar!" lol What is humbling is when Siri misunderstands some of my words which tells me my accent is bad. People in France used to think I hardly had an accent and a couple of them thought I was from France. So, I thought my accent was pretty good. I guess Siri doesn't think so. Hahaha! Leave it to Siri to kick me down.

But Siri can't understand some of my words in English either. For some reason, every time I say "drawing" I get "trying" or "driving" or "drying" when I use voice recognition. So, I have to exaggerate the "w" which makes me sound like a 2-year-old.

Have you seen the autocorrect fails on the internet? Do a search on it. You will laugh and laugh.

It's a good thing I usually check my texts before sending them or else I would've been in big trouble with some people because of the autocorrect. A few times it autocorrected my texts into inappropriate words. One time which wasn't as bad was when I meant to type "Are you ready?" and it autocorrected it to "Are you breast?" What?!

My son went to his first school dinner dance last night. If it wasn't for the food and candy table, he wouldn't have gone. He's shy and didn't want to dance. I made him watch YouTube videos to learn how to dance. He didn't want to do it, but my husband got up to do it with him so he tried it. I think he liked it and my husband had so much fun. It was good father-son time for them. My husband loved it.

Yesterday, I watched a dance that all the kids are doing these days. I think it's called Swish Swish, popularized by The Backpack Kid featured in one of Katy Perry's concerts. I'm sure you've seen it. It looks funny, but I learned how to do it by watching this video yesterday. My son saw me watching it and thought I wanted him to learn it. He said, "Mom. I. am. not. doing. that." Of course he wouldn't. He would be too embarrassed. It's a silly dance, but I'm going to do it in public one of these days to embarrass my kids. lol My sister-in-law's wedding is coming up... Perfect opportunity.

So, my son told me last night that he would probably come home early after the dinner and that he would text me. I told him it was rude to eat and run, so he should stay an hour after that at least. A half hour before the event was over, he still had not texted me. That's when I knew he was having fun. I told him to text me pictures. Their dance was at the same place where my husband and I had our wedding reception. It was so weird.

When I picked my son up from the dance, he was all smiles and carrying a bagful of candy. He didn't even use the dance moves he learned. He said the other kids just jumped around, so he jumped. D'oh!

What are you celebrating?

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  1. The best way to discipline your kids is to embarrass them in public (I don't mean that in a cruel way). I used to sing and dance in the grocery store. It drove my son nuts.