Friday, February 2, 2018

Celebrate The Small Things - Feb. 2, 2018

It was hard to think of things to celebrate this week. I had some minor irritations like being unsuccessful at fixing my old boom box, someone running through a stop sign right in front of me, and sneezing all week from allergies. It has been unusually hot again (around 85°F/29°C) all week and will be the same next week. This creates more allergens in the air from flowers blooming.

Someone was murdered in a domestic dispute/lovers triangle two streets over from us which opened up a big can of worms about their residence that has upset some people in our neighborhood. They are banding together now to make a complaint to the city. Wow. It has brought to light a problem that most of us did not know was going on.

ANYWAY, moving on to things to celebrate. My family and I were in a game shop that sells board games, model kits, and other types of games that are non-video games. I saw Moomin story cubes that I thought were cute. There was only one pack on the shelf and I thought that if I didn't get them, they wouldn't be there the next time I stepped foot in the shop. So, I bought them. I thought they might help me think up some stories for a webcomic. You just roll the dice and make up a story relating to the images that pop up. You can use one row as the beginning of your story, the second row as your middle, and the third row as the ending to your story. You can move the rows around if you want. You can even use columns instead of rows.
I was thinking to replace the images with characters of my own, but I was curious about these Moomin characters, so I looked them up. Apparently, they are very popular around the world except for here which is the United States. Disney wanted to buy rights, but they refused. They have their own theme park and there is a movie in the works that is supposed to come out next year. Well, this had me intrigued!

An odd thing is, I bought a Moomin postcard several years ago that I just bought because I liked the image. I had no idea it was a Moomin character or what a Moomin even was. It was at Kinokuniya bookstore in Little Tokyo where they sell Japanese books, notebooks, sketchbooks, pencils, and other super cute stuff that Japanese people like. They are not things you can easily find at other stores. The postcard looked Scandinavian. That's why I bought it. I like the Scandinavian style.

When I saw the Moomin cubes, I immediately recognized one of characters as being the one on my postcard.

I wanted to know what the appeal was for the Moomins to be so popular. I found some comic strips online. They had underlying social and perhaps political themes to it. I watched a few episodes of the cartoon online which was geared toward children. Luckily my local library had several Moomin books and a biography on the author, so I checked them out. Here's the first volume:

It's surprising that I've lived all these years without ever hearing about the Moomins. Weird. They have been around for decades. I'm going to continue research on these strange creatures. It's fun.

My graphic novel is still coming along slowly, but I'm happy with the drawings.

I took a break from it briefly this week and completed a short story in thumbnail form using the same characters. I'm happy the way it turned out. It's going to be put up online as a webcomic once I tie down the drawings and add color. I want it to be done very quickly, though, so I can put more time into my graphic novel. A lot of cartoonists have books out with extremely simple drawings, so I'm going to try to whip the drawings up as quickly and simply as possible. I've been classically trained, so it's hard to let drawings go "unfinished" or with that type of look. It's probably equivalent to a person with OCD letting an item on the desk sit crooked. It makes you cringe.

I hope you had things to celebrate this week, great and small.

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  1. I've seen those creative cubes with words on, but never Moomins. What a find! I remember reading the Moomin books when I was little, and I have vague memories of a TV show, too. I hope everything that happens to you in the coming week is more positive than last week. Take care! J