Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My Shecember Posts - Days 2-5

Julia Thorley (http://juliathorley.blogspot.com/) asked if I was going to post my Shecember drawings here. I post them on my art blog (www.smallkeedtime.blogspot.com) but she got me thinking that I should post them here. Thanks, Julia! Julia has an interesting blog, by the way. She's a good writer and she's funny.

Since I posted my drawing for day 1 of Shecember in my last post, I won't post it here again, but days 2-5 are below. Drawing women is my forte, but trying to find something I REALLY want to draw takes hours sometimes. In my head, I have these creative images I want to get on the page with energetic lines and brilliant color, but when I draw them, they are nothing like what I saw in my head. It's very hard to take risks and throw that image on the page. This has been my problem for years.

I added crayon colors to this later, but I like this plain version better. Day 2:
This one reminds me of art school, haha. Day 3:

This one is Morticia Addams. Day 4:

This last one was done with Crayola crayons and white pencil. Day 5:

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  1. I love these, especially the expressions on their faces. You are very talented!