Friday, September 8, 2017

Celebrate The Small Things - September 8, 2017


My son who hates reading chapter books finally likes the book I chose for him to read for his reading log! Yay! Every so often I would ask him, "Do you like the book so far?" His answer would be, "No. It's boring." At the end of chapter 8, I asked the question again. To my surprise, he said, "Yeah. It's pretty good." What, what, what? Hallelujah! He actually likes Ender's Game! I didn't realize there were a few bad words in it, but at this point I don't care. It's not like he doesn't hear those words out and about. Especially at school, I'm sure.

He came to the realization yesterday that Ender's kind sister, Valentine, reflects the good part of Ender. His evil brother, Peter, is the bad part of Ender. They reflect both sides of Ender's personality. Wow, I was blown away when he said that. I didn't even figure that out myself.

My son has not been doing well in school, but I've been helping him with his homework religiously now and found that he's pretty darn smart. He figured out a couple of math problems yesterday that I couldn't wrap my head around.

My crazy dog, Bumi, is pulling on his leash a lot less on our walks this week which is a small triumph on my part. Usually, he just wants to go after every dog he sees on the sidewalk or hears behind a gate. If people get too close, he gets aggressive. He gets my other dog, Korra, riled up then she starts barking. I don't have the time or money to take him to obedience school. What I've been doing is running with them past houses with dogs. If he starts to dash after them, I tell him, "Let's go!" and we keep running. Maybe it's like running with a pack and he feels like he has to stay with us. Whatever it is, it's working.

There was a guy working on the street lights next to the sidewalk. I thought, Oh crap, I hope he doesn't try to bite this guy. I pulled the leash short and ran the dogs past him. There wasn't much of a struggle which was great.

My husband was burnt out from work last week, so for Labor Day weekend we only went out once to eat and stayed home for the rest of the 3-day weekend. It was great. I didn't have to wear makeup or change into nicer clothes. I got to work on my graphic novel and read. We didn't go to the gym either, so the kids were happy, too. They got more video game time which is what they live for.

I saw Michael Rashid's video about how he eats only once a day. He's a bodybuilder who used to be vegetarian. The dude is massive. He talks about how eating too much taxes the body. It works hard to constantly digest food that end up building toxins in your stomach that make you sick. Interesting theory. He eats baked vegetables, sometimes with salmon and turkey bacon. He drinks a protein drink with bananas and coconut milk, but not every day.

I want to try his baked veggie recipe. That day I had two servings of lettuce with carrots for lunch. I was starving at dinner. He is probably four times my size, so I don't know how he does it. Mind you he eats a lot more veggies than that, but still, it's not a lot. My older son said, "He said the first four days are hard." That's good to know. I'm hoping to buy the veggies this weekend so I can try it out. My husband is skeptical. Michael Rashid said this diet clears your mind. I've heard that people who fast think clearly, too. Interesting. Here's hoping I make it past day one. Ha ha!
We watched Dr. Steven Greer's new movie documentary called Unacknowledged. Wow. He talked about how there are plants at all the major TV networks that are paid by the richest people in the world to steer the public thought. There are a lot of things to ponder on. It made me think about Donald Trump and that maybe he's not such a bad guy after all. We're being duped. We are the sheeple. Russia, North Korea, and China may not be our enemies... Hmm.

Anyway, I don't want to talk politics here. Let's get back to writing! Drawing! Creating!

Here's a thumbnail of a character I want to use for my comics. It's based off of how I looked as a kid, with short crooked bangs and a gap between my teeth. I drew it super quick this week on paper that is probably as old as I am.

Have a good weekend!
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  1. Sounds like you have plenty to celebrate this week! I don't think I could eat only once a day. I get way too hungry if I skip even one meal.