Friday, May 26, 2017

Celebrate The Small Things - May 26, 2017


This week I gave my second dog a bath and a haircut. It took me two hours to cut his hair because he doesn't like the clippers or the scissors. I managed to trim the hair around his eyes so he can see. He looks like a different dog now. I have to do the same for our other dog, but didn't have the energy for it just yet. She's bigger and more cooperative, but takes two hours to trim as well. It's a chore, but saves us $50 per dog. They love me more after the bath and trim, too. 

I laid out 70 pages of my graphic novel so far which is 54 more than I did last week, but according to my calculations, it's going to be FOUR TIMES longer than I was expecting! I really was thinking that it was going to be shorter, so I'm surprised. I did the calculations three times. Soooo, I'm going to have to cut out a lot or see if I can split the book in two. Or both. Maybe I should've laid the design of the panels out as I developed the story so I wouldn't have to do thumbnails TWICE. This is my first graphic novel, so it's all trial and error for me as well as research, research, research. *sigh* I hope it goes more smoothly next time.

I checked out a big Dennis the Menace book from the library and have been studying the drawings and the ideas for humor. I used to read some of it as a child, but didn't get into it that much, but now, wow! I've learned so much by studying this book. Artists today still draw hands like that and I thought that was just a Disney thing. I was trying hard to think of funny themes for my webcomic, but that was like trying to squeeze water out of a dry rag. I'm glad I stumbled upon this book by accident.

I learned something interesting this week. My husband told his coworkers that he got called for jury duty which surprised the foreigners from Poland and Austria. They were shocked that we get a summons in the mail and we have to report or we may suffer the consequences like being fined or going to jail. I thought everyone in the Western world had to do that. I'm curious how other countries do it now. I never put any thought into it before. Geez, I wonder how everyone else tries their criminals. I'm kind of afraid to find out.

This week, I read that after you get your book published, the publishing company doesn't help you with promoting/marketing your book. You have to really hustle to get your work known. Yikes, yikes, and YIKES! They help promote your book six months before it is released, but that's it. What a harsh reality! 

I thought that I would hurry up and do drawings for my webcomic so that I can become known for that. In theory, I would develop a fan base before my graphic novel is published and fans would buy my book. Another balloon deflater that I read was that it can take years to develop a following for your webcomic. What am I celebrating out of this newfound information? Well, I'm celebrating that I actually FOUND this information so it won't be such a shock if things don't turn out the way I planned because I STILL plan to do my webcomic and graphic novel.

I've been mopey since I found out that my favorite Zumba teacher is no longer teaching at a convenient time for me, BUT I discovered something delicious to eat this week. Both are negatives really, but that's beside the point. At Trader Joe's they were sampling coffee syrup over French vanilla ice cream. Coffee syrup! It's like having a chocolate sundae, but coffee flavored. It was so good! We bought both and I had to refrain myself from eating it every day. I'm still sad about my Zumba teacher, though. He's teaching a special class on Memorial Day this coming Monday, so I'm going to have to get my butt over there on a day I was going to rest. *sigh* I guess I'll take this small miracle.

In the book, Happy For No Reason, the author says to pull your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and put a big smile on your face. It'll make you feel better right away. You may feel silly and look maniacal, but it works. Try it. It's free.

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  1. What wonderful advice! I have heard something similar. Wake up. Stare at your face in the mirror. Tell yourself, This is going to be a good day, so many times until you believe it.

  2. Make sure to get free copies of your book and send one to the New York Times review of books.

  3. Congrats on doing so much! Yes, it's true that all authors have to promote their own books, and yes it takes time, but if you keep your quality up, people WILL become fans! Weird about jury duty. Makes me wonder... I've been a bit mopey too and I'm trying your smile therapy!

  4. My goodness - a graphic novel - that is some undertaking - well done you!! Don't be too despondent over what you have learned about getting a following and spreading the word as you say you are now clued up and will be able to do more to self-promote. Lots of authors here on Celebrate help each other out so don't be afraid to ask for help! Lots of congratulations on what you have achieved so far :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  5. Good for you for keeping the dream alive. I'll read your web comic when it comes out.