Thursday, May 18, 2017

Celebrate The Small Things for May 19, 2017

I'm posting this a few hours early since I missed last week's post.

This week I watched a video by Frannerd that helped me organize my graphic novel. With the knowledge I gained from the video, I've laid out 16 pages out of the 180 pages of thumbnails I need to go through. Being hard-headed and lazy, I didn't think I would have to work this way, but after laying out the first eight pages I felt more confident that I could finish my graphic novel quicker and with less problems. It makes me feel better, happier, and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I discovered a free one-week cartooning workshop that I instantly signed up for. If I didn't sign up right away, I knew I would never do it. It's offered by The Center For Cartoon Studies. If I was a young student again and lived on the east coast, I would love to attend this school. I did the first assignment, albeit I did it wrong. It was supposed to be a 4-panel comic, but I got so into the comic that it became a 7-panel comic. At least I got one comic done which is better than having done nothing at all. There are no due dates for the assignments which is good. My plan was to work on these assignments during idle times while out with my family on the weekend. Like standing in line, waiting for our food at the restaurant, waiting for the kids (and husband) to look at all the toys in the store, etc.

We celebrated Mother's Day early on Saturday with our moms, then on Sunday for me. I chose to eat at El Torito's brunch buffet. It was so good! So many gluten-free items! I tried a new dessert that was fried bananas in caramel. I had to decline the alcohol since I'm allergic, but it was still so good!

While I was coloring my hair, I was listening to David Paulides' lecture in Australia about the mysterious disappearances of people in national parks. I have several of his Missing 411 books which I love. Instead of 411 missing people, he has researched over 6,000 missing persons cases. Wow! I don't go in the woods, but I was considering going to Yosemite for a vacation. After he said the majority of the missing people went missing in Yosemite, I changed my mind. Well, I said a few expletives and a "hell no!" first. One of the guys that went missing a few years ago is from the area I grew up in. He was with a church group, but was out of shape so he was at the tail end of the group. They turned around and he was gone. Search and rescue couldn't find him. He was never seen again. 300 people were in the park that day. I was thinking there would be safety in numbers, but that didn't seem to work for him. Poor guy. The Missing 411 movie just came out. I'm doing my little joy dance! I'm hoping to get it for my birthday in June if I drop a lot of hints. It's only available on DVD.

Below is the first comic I did for the cartooning workshop. I plan to ink and color it later.

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  1. Sounds like you have had a busy, productive and wonderful week! Definitely worth celebrating.

  2. Glad you were able to attend the workshop. Those opportunities are rare. Neat first comic. I framed my first publication and paycheck. Those first are inspiring. Interesting the missing people. We visited Yosemite in our camper last year and were warned not to camp in a certain area. Californians know about this, but sad for unsuspecting tourists. Theft and who knows what else goes on there. We ended up spending the night in a motel!

    1. That's fascinating that they warned you off a certain area. I'm Californian, but have never heard of that. Scary!

  3. So much exciting news at your end of the world. I'm glad to hear you're learning new things that are helping you. The comic is adorable! Yay for Mother's Day brunch, and "eeek!" about the 411 tales. But they do sound really cool. Now I want to see them too!

  4. Keep up the cartoon work!! Well done!