Friday, August 26, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things - August 26, 2016


My husband saw a game at Target that looked like fun, so he bought it. He said it got good reviews and that it was #1 in Japan. Something like 10,000 were sold in the first month or two. It’s called One Night Ultimate Werewolf. He thought it would be something fun we could do as a family because one day the kids will be too old to want to hang around us anymore. It’s sort of a card game and a board game without the board. You download a free app for an announcer to guide you which helps a great deal. I don’t really like board games, but it was fun. The games are quick, like 5 minutes. My youngest son and I got the werewolf cards in the first round. Everyone has to close their eyes until the announcer tells you to open them. Everyone plays the role of the card they get. The announcer says something like, “Werewolves, wake up! Open your eyes and look for other werewolves.” My youngest son and I opened our eyes and knew each other was a werewolf. He put his hand on his mouth to stop himself from laughing. Everyone else had their eyes closed. I thought he was going to give himself away, but he didn’t. The Troublemaker can switch your card with another person’s card while your eyes are closed, so you don’t know if your role has changed during the course of the game. The game was so fun that the kids wanted to buy the Vampire version and the Daybreak Werewolf version. You can combine the games and play with the werewolves and vampires together or play the games separately. We just heard that the alien version is going to be on Kickstarter in a few days. I was guessing there would be a zombie one first. We are looking forward to playing the game again this weekend.

Our gardener fixed the leaking pipe in our yard and fixed all the other sprinklers while he was at it. Yay! Apparently, a huge root from a nearby tree grew under the lawn and broke the pipe. He cut it with a shovel and tore it out. It was about a yard long and 2” thick. Almost immediately after that, our dog started acting strangely. She came out of her crate and started panting and pacing. For three days she was acting as if she was afraid of something. She tried to hide and went in and out of the house. She went into our bedroom where she knows she is not allowed. I put the baby gate up which usually stops her from crossing, but this time she knocked the gate down and hid in our shower in the bathroom next to our bedroom. She has never done this before. I couldn’t get her out of the shower. I tried scolding, threatening, and sprinkling water on her. She wouldn’t budge, so I left her there. Our bedroom door was closed, so she couldn’t get into it. She wouldn’t even go back to her crate or to her bed which make her feel safe.

At first, I thought the root released some sort of tree spirit. I did a thorough blessing of the house, my car, the front yard, and the back yard. I didn’t really feel a difference, though. Then I heard about the earthquakes in Italy, so I thought the dog was feeling some sort of EMF from the Earth due to the earthquakes. She seems to calm down in the evening and nighttime. Maybe something geological or astronomical is blocking the energy or EMF from reaching us at that time. In the daytime she really freaks out. After the aftershock on Wednesday, she calmed down a lot, but that was closer to the evening on our time.

I texted my friends to see if their pets had been acting strangely, but they were all fine. Only my son’s friend’s dog was panting and shaking on Wednesday. His dog also went back to normal after the aftershock, just like our dog. I read that there have been major earthquakes not only in Italy, but Japan, Indonesia, and Myanmar almost every day since August 19. I’ll have to monitor my dog and the earthquakes to see if there is a correlation. My youngest son said he saw a red creature in the doorway to the hall after I blessed the house. I think it was his imagination, but I lit some sandalwood incense just in case. Five minutes after I lit it, the dog came out of the shower after being there for almost 2 hours. Odd.

Last weekend my aunt’s ashes were placed in a mausoleum. During the prayer, a hummingbird flew into the glass window over the altar and knocked itself out. It happened right when the reverend said my aunt’s name. Almost everyone saw it, except me (of course), my mom, and my youngest son. My husband said it was loud, but I didn’t hear it. I was concentrating on the prayer. My cousin was freaked out. She was clutching my husband’s elbow saying, “Did you see that? What was that? What does it mean?” Everyone thought it was dead, but it disappeared, so it must’ve gotten up and flown away. My other cousin’s girlfriend walked in late and said she felt wind by her legs, so it must’ve flown by her legs. I wasn’t afraid at all. My other aunt just giggled and said, “That was my sister.”

I turned on the sprinklers yesterday and discovered that the sprinkler heads that the gardener fixed were starting to act like they did before. One was weak and another one shot straight up in the air. They were fine on Monday when they were fixed. *Sigh* I’ll just have to deal with them when the gardener comes back. For now, though, I’m celebrating the other sprinkler heads that are working.

I’m also celebrating my progress on building a web portfolio. I have my query letter and dummy ready to send out to agents, but they want to see a link to a portfolio which I didn’t have. Jumping through hoops... It’s not quite done, but it’s getting there. Not bad.

My cousins in Arkansas drove an hour to see my sketchbook on The Sketchbook Project Tour. That was so nice of them! I’m pretty sure they are the only family members that went to see my sketchbook out of my 100+ family members. I love them!

I’m reading El Deafo which has renewed my desire to create comics. (My desire to create comics waned in the past few weeks because I've been stressed out about the crimes in my neighborhood. There were two more this week.) I wrote down a few good ideas I got this week. I just have to do it. Good or bad, I just have to get it done and let the chips fall where they may. The flame is being lit again. It also helps that I'm listening to the TCJ Talkies podcast where comics creators talk about their craft.

What are you celebrating?
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  1. Glad you had such a fun time with your new game. I'll have to check it out. How strange about your dog. Sounds like she's hypersensitive. I hope she calms down and gets back to her normal self soon. And I hope the plumbing problems get straightened out. What a pain to have to keep dealing with them. Good luck with your web portfolio!

  2. What a week you've had! I think the sensitivity of your dog was likely caused by the earthquake. I hope the sprinklers get fixed. Good luck with your portfolio and your queries!

  3. I'm glad you have a new game you're all enjoying. I can sympathize with the sprinkler problem. We used to have problems with tree roots and pipes when we lived in Florida. We didn't get sprinklers until we'd lived in our house for 5 years. But, fortunately, they never caused trouble. Happy weekend.

  4. We got the werewolf card game for Christmas a couple of years ago and my kids love it as well. I'll have to check out the new versions.

  5. Wow. Talk about an eventful week!

    Sorry, but I giggled when I read about the bird slamming into the window. I've seen it happen in my house and I know how crazy it must have seemed to happen during the ceremony. I instantly thought, "It's her aunt!" At least your other aunt found a bit of humor in it. :-)

    About your dog acting up... I had a friend come over with her dog to my yard (a friend who comes often with her dog) and once, when I had finger mushrooms, her dog went nuts. She had to leave. Finger mushrooms release a strong smell to us humans, but for some dogs it's really strong. Got me thinking that you might have uprooted something stinky that only your dog can smell.

    But then again, my cat is afraid of cucumbers. So who knows with pets...

  6. I found your blog through the #CTST blog hop. That is so odd that your dog began acting strangely after you had pipes fixed in your backyard. Dogs do have a keen sense of hearing at tones that we can't hear. I wonder if there is some odd noise (now) coming from your pipes that only he can hear? Hope you find out soon what's up. Enjoy your week!