Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things - August 19


In my last post, I wrote about my indoor plumbing problems and the ghost in my house. I blessed the house and put salt on the threshold of the front and back doors. Well, within a few days, the sprinklers in the front yard were weak. I thought the gardener had damaged the sprinklers somehow. Some of the sprinkler heads were not popping up. I pulled the grass around them and tried to pull the sprinkler heads higher, but that didn’t work. I decided to shut them off and just use the hose. When I reached the faucet, I noticed a big puddle of water in front of a bush where the sprinklers didn’t work. I thought there was a sprinkler that I didn’t know about buried under the dirt. I dug into the mud to look for the source of the water, but soon realized it wasn’t a sprinkler head. I’m pretty sure it’s a broken pipe. More plumbing problems! It makes me wonder if I pushed the ghost out of the house and into the front yard. I don’t know how to bless a front yard, so I’m just burning some sandalwood incense on our front porch. I have no idea if that will do any good, but it’s all I have time for right now. Haha. I don’t even know what sandalwood does.

I’ve been preoccupied and stressed out all week about a rash of crime in our neighborhood. Burglars breaking into houses in groups of 3-5 guys in the middle of the night when people are at home, a thief stealing packages from porches, a couple breaking into a house at 9am and running from police into a nearby elementary school while school was in session, a thief breaking into my neighbor’s car in their garage, a burglar trying to break into a house at 6pm when the sun is still up and the neighbor home, etc. My neighborhood is quiet with a lot of senior citizens, so criminals are taking advantage of that. Some neighbors have guns, so one of these days it's not going to end well.

BUT the good things that have happened amidst all this is that I met a lot of new people this week. I got to know my neighbors better and made friends with more people at the gym in talking about all this crime. One of the girls at the gym that I got to talking to is also a writer! Now I have someone I can talk to on a regular basis to share information about writing and commiserate with. She knows a lot about health stuff and might be able to help me with the floaters in my eye. (I got hit in the eye about a year ago while practicing self-defense techniques.)

AND another thing to celebrate is that I stumbled upon a writer’s group last weekend by accident…or fate. We were in another city to see a Godzilla art show that my husband is a part of. (His painting has a sound box that roars. Check it out on the Creature Features Facebook page if you’re interested.) When we left the show, we drove past a shop called Dark Delicacies. My husband said he had heard of it and thought it was pastry shop that made monster themed pastries, so we stopped in. (We were hungry.) It wasn’t a pastry shop. It was a boutique that sold monster themed clothes, books, and other items. In the middle of the shop was a group a people having a discussion about publication and writing query letters. My husband urged me to listen in. He discovered that it was free to sit in and that they meet once a month. I met the guy who runs it and a few other writers. It must be in my horoscope to meet new people this week, especially writers! Lol I learned a few things and will definitely be back next month. Plus I bought a cute sweatband with a pink skull on it there for a dollar. I wore that sweatband to Zumba which caught the attention of a girl in the class. I mentioned where I got it and that there was a writer’s group that was meeting there. That’s how I found out she was a writer, too and we became friends. I’d seen her at the gym for months, but never had a conversation with her. I think that a lot of acquaintances and even relatives have more in common with us than we realize. If we just stop to mention a few things and bring different topics up, we would find these things out. Like, I didn’t know that I had some things in common with my aunt that passed away in January until I heard her eulogy.

Oh, and I almost forgot that we binge watched the TV show called Stranger Things and loved it! I don’t get to watch TV much and this was a show we could watch as a family. The kids were scared, but they wanted to keep watching. It was a nice thing to share as a family. My friend texted me that there were a few scenes that dealt with teenage sex, but it was too late by then. Thank God it wasn’t too bad. 

What are you celebrating?
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  1. Congrats to your husband on his Godzilla art! Dark Delicacies sounds like my kind of place - I love monster stuff! I'm so glad you befriended new writers! Peer input is important. I hope the lawn plumbing settles down, your ghost decided to leave, and no more of your neighbors have break-ins. Big floodlights outside often deter break-ins. You might think of installing them. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like you've definitely got something weird going on with the plumbing. Hope you can get that broken pipe fixed.
    Crime is up in my area, too. It's scary how thieves will break into houses when people are home.
    It's great how you met your new writer friend and the writers' group. Some things are just meant to be. Have a good week!

  3. I guess it really was in the cards for you to meet people last week...sounds like a win! Sorry about your plumbing/ghost problems. Maybe you could leave out a nice pie in your yard as an offering to the ghost? Does that work? It's gotta be as good as sandalwood! Haha!