Friday, June 3, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things - June 3, 2016


This week flew by. I barely realized that it was Friday.

The other day I received the promo cards for a paranormal art show that I'm a part of called Art of Darkness. I was pleasantly surprised to find my painting on the card and I got the biggest spot! It's the picture on the left. I called it Alien Abduction. The show will be at the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, Minnesota from July 30-August 27, 2016.


I also drew/designed a tattoo for my cousin who is from Hawaii. I like the first one, but her husband wanted the Hawaiian flag in the background. I thought it was too busy with the flag, but they loved it (minus the pole). She just wants the scanned version, so I guess I'll give the original one on the left to my mom who is also from Hawaii. It's a win-win situation! The tattoo artist is just going to use it as a guide so I didn't make the one with the flag as nice. He's going to make it look nice in his own style.

My kids are off for summer vacation now, so we watched Spirited Away together and I took them to the drawing workshop I go to. They loved the movie, hated the workshop. I never thought our kids would hate drawing since my husband and I are both artists. They hate writing, too. I must be doing something wrong. They are lukewarm when it comes to reading chapter books, but they enjoy comic books if it's the right one. I'll take that...I guess.

I just discovered interviews of Tony Sandoval on YouTube which answered questions I had about his writing and his life. I've been working on my comic book stories and hitting roadblocks (as usual). He doesn't seem to outline his stories beforehand and he likes to have the reader come up with his/her conclusion to parts of his stories. He wants the reader to be "interactive" with the story. That's what he calls it. I think that's what makes people think about his stories long after they have finished reading them. They stay with you. I think that's a pretty interesting trick. The critics end up calling his work "surreal" and he wins awards. Hahaha.
What are you celebrating?
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  1. Congrats on having your pic so prominently displayed! It's lovely, though I don't know which alien is abducting which. LOL! Sometimes kids go their own way or talent skips a generation. Maybe you'll have grandkids who paint like Rembrandt! I love the Hawaii flower and good luck with the art show. Have a lovely weekend! ;)

  2. Congrats on scoring such a prominent spot on the promo card--your painting looks great! :)

  3. Sounds like a good week. I love your drawing, Kimberly>

    Enjoy your summer with the kids.

  4. Congrats on your artwork being chosen for the card! My kids have two more days of school left. They can't wait for vacation. It's surprising that your kids don't like drawing, but maybe they'll be interested in a different type of art at some point. Good luck with your summer art projects!

  5. My husband and I both read a ton, but our kids are addicted to screen-time, either iPad mini or TV. It does make me sad, but it's my own fault for letting them get those devices for Christmas. Time to institute the two-hour limit rule! (Uh, yeah. Right.)