Friday, May 6, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things - May 6, 2016


This week I'm celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary with my husband. We decided to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Hollywood to celebrate. Instead of leaving our kids behind, we are bringing them with us because we knew we would enjoy the park better with them there. 
 The sad part is that it is supposed to rain all day. Of all the days to rain, it had to be on this day. :o(  We were debating on whether or not to go, but chose to chance it. Since it hardly rains here, there is a possibility that the weather will change and it will only drizzle here and there. There is a 60% chance of rain and it's supposed to be light, so I'm hoping it doesn't ruin our day. My husband took the day off from work at his new job, so if we don't go this week, we probably won't move it to another day. The last time there was a forecast like this and we changed our plans, it ended up not raining at all. So, rain or shine, we are celebrating our anniversary in Harry Potter's World. 
Looking on the bright side, the weather will add to the effect of really being there. Haha.

My husband and I went to a life drawing workshop this week. I've been wanting to go for a long time. I used to go to a lot of life drawing classes and workshops (before kids), but I haven't been to one in probably 15 years. My husband and I met at an animation school where we had to do a lot of life drawing, so in a way it was like a pre-celebration of our anniversary. My husband didn't want to go to the workshop, but he went for me. I told him that we probably wouldn't be the best ones in there even though we have been drawing for most of our lives. I guessed that the workshop would consist of mainly retired male Chinese senior citizens and some housewives. My husband predicted that there would be a retired art teacher there, probably from Art Center, and a Yoda-type there meaning a quiet old man in the corner who turns out to be a kick-ass artist. And guess what? Everything we predicted came true. Haha! When we met the other artists there, one of the guys was an art teacher from Art Center! I wanted to laugh out loud. Wow.

It was interesting being back in a life drawing workshop again. When we walked in, they thought one of us was the model! Um, no. Later, I found out that the model was clothed. Haha.
They played classical music while we drew, just like almost every life drawing class I have ever been to. It's probably like that all over the world. I wanted to laugh again. In one workshop I was in, the instructor said, "Do you guys want to hear some jazz?" One of the students behind me quickly said, "Oh no, that's way too sophisticated for us," in a tone that meant he did not want to listen to jazz. lol
Another interesting thing about this workshop we went to was the people. A couple of people freaked out because the model moved ever so slightly. Again, I wanted to laugh. I used to be the same way when I was a beginner. 
About a half hour into the pose, one of the artists went up to the clothed model and unzipped his jacket about 6 inches which caused a small uproar among the other artists. This time, I did laugh. I joked, "Aww, now everybody's drawing is ruined." My husband was laughing, too and added, "Start over." 

When the timer went off for the first break, the youngest guy in the room said, "Already?!" Every time that timer went off, he had the same reaction, but all he drew was the head. Too funny. I didn't realize that he had turrets or something until my husband told me on the way home. He sat next to me at one point and I kept hearing a conversation. I thought he was talking to the lady next to him, but when I would look, they were both busy drawing. It kept going on and I must've looked over at them about five times. No one else in the room was talking. Then after I moved to get another view, I heard someone hissing and snapping their fingers. I kept thinking it was my husband trying to get my attention, but every time I looked at him he was also busy drawing. I was wondering if I was hearing things and going crazy because no one else seemed to notice. I finally took it as a test on whether or not I could focus, so I forced myself not to turn around when I heard the fingers snapping which took a while to do.

Then, "O Mio Babino Caro" came on the radio. Several people started to hum and sing to it which made me do it, too. I thought it was funny. Later, my husband told me that it was just that one guy, not several people. 

I must say, that was one of the more interesting life drawing workshops I have ever been to. At first, we felt like outsiders and felt as if the other artists were sizing us up, but by the end of the session, we felt like we gained their respect and they enthusiastically invited us to other life drawing workshops. I had a fun time even though the poses were way too long for my taste. I ended up drawing the other artists who were also interesting to draw.

I also finished 3 illustrations for my picture book this week. Hallelujah! Now it's on to the scanning of all the finished drawings, darkening the lines, and working on the manuscript. When will it be over?! Baby steps...

What are you celebrating?
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  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fabulous time at Potter World and that it doesn't rain. I was so fascinated by the story of your art class. Such characters in there, and such interesting details about what the people care about regarding their style of working. I'm glad you have something fun to share with your husband that takes you back to your early days together. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary, Kimberly. I hope the rain holds off and you all have a blast! And congrats on getting back into the life drawing class. Have a great weekend!
    Lori's CtST @ As the Fates Would Have It

  3. Happy Anniversary! And here's hoping for a nice day without rain. That workshop sounds like it was quite the adventure. Glad you enjoyed it!