Friday, April 8, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things - April 8


I've heard of Picture Book Idea Month before, but that was when I wasn't interested in it. I re-discovered it the other day and decided to start it on my own even though the official month is November. Yesterday, I had an idea for a picture book and was looking for a new notebook to start just for this picture-book-idea-per-day project. I found a notebook that I started in March 2015 that I entitled Picture Book & Comic Book Notes & Ideas. I thought, great, now I don't have to buy another notebook! I jotted my idea in the book and as I was writing, the story sort of evolved and ended up being a great idea. I read the other ideas I had written in the book and found two other good, solid ideas for picture books. So now I've very excited about starting on them. 

As I was getting my kids ready for school this morning, I had another idea for a picture book, but I didn't have time to write it down. By the time I came back from dropping my kids off at school, I lost the idea. Waaaaaaaahhh! I don't know how to get it back. I've been trying to recreate the moment in my mind, but so far, no luck. I have to make a conscience effort to remember WHEN I get good ideas. I know some people get them in the shower and sometimes that happens to me, but I think it's when I'm listening to people talk. Maybe it's something that I hear that triggers a memory or an idea, then I spin it into a story. It's like opening a door to a certain part of your brain that you have to use a code to get into. 

There is a psychic named George Anderson who has to scribble on a pad of paper in order to "hear" the messages from spirits or ghosts on the other side. I wonder if that is sort of how creative people get their ideas. Your mind is focused on something mundane like scrubbing yourself in a shower or listening to people on talk radio like I do which opens a door in your mind where imagination comes through. There's a feeling that comes with it. You're aware of where you are, but your mind is split. It's somewhere else. I'm listening to an interesting podcast, then my imagination takes over and I'm developing an idea for a story. At the same time, I'll be washing dishes or something boring like that. By the time I'm done with the idea, I've missed several minutes of my podcast and have to rewind.

I wonder if that is what happened to J.K. Rowling. She was on a train ride and was probably looking out at the landscape when her mind split like that and she was developing Hogwarts in her mind.

I was going to post a picture of my WIP illustration of my picture book that I'm going to submit to an agent, but it's not where I want it to be yet, so maybe I'll post it next week. It's my third attempt which has to be my final one because my husband is telling me to just finish it or it'll never get done. He's right. 

I'm also celebrating Quentin Blake, the illustrator of Roald Dahl's books! My art friend sent me a YouTube link of Quentin Blake in his art studio which I loved. I learned a few things and was impressed by his filing system. Wow, I've got to get movin'!

What are you celebrating?
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  1. So sorry you lost that idea, but it's great that you're scribbling them down. I carry a little notebook and pen in my purse and have notebooks spread throughout the house...okay, perhaps this last part is more to a little unorderliness *shhh*. Can't wait to see your illustration!

  2. That's an interesting way of looking at creative thinking. I do some of my best plotting when I'm doing boring things like household chores. I always try to keep pen and paper handy to jot down ideas. Otherwise, I forget them, which is so frustrating. Hope your idea pops back into your head soon! Good luck with the picture books!

  3. I regularly have and lose WIP ideas. I think everyone does. Rather than feel bad, I've decided that if it's truly an awesome idea, it will stick with me. IF not, it wasn't that awesome. lol I'm looking forward to seeing your illustrations! (And your hubby is right - get it done and send it off!!)