Saturday, April 16, 2016

Celebrate The Small Things - Apr. 15


I did an illustration for my picture book to send off to an agent, but although I liked it, I thought the style I had before was better.

Here is the illustration done in acrylic paint on board:

The boy in the chair looks older and he's mad that the girl is tapping him on the head with the water bottle. I didn't like the way the girl's hair turned out. 

As I was organizing my drawings, I picked up a drawing of the style I had before and compared the two. I liked the old style better, so I re-did the first drawing in that style. The characters all look slightly younger and cuter.

This is the style I decided to go with for the book.


This is another page I finished this week:

Other things I got out of the way this week:
1. Filled out the Census form which was past due and required by law to turn in. :o(
2. Watched Mad Max: Fury Road on DVD because my husband needed to return it to his friend at work since it was his last day today. I loved it. The costumes, the cars, the stunts. Amazing. For the first time in my life I really wanted to draw cars. 
3. Started a new workout program and put in an extra day at the gym. I'm tired and sore now, but feel good about putting in the extra effort. I was so tired last night from the workout that I forgot to put the leftover dinner in the refrigerator. D'oh!
4. Finished reading Ghost Stories of Missouri (took me a couple of years to finish) and Craig Thompson's travel sketch journal Carnet de Voyage. I would love to go on a successful book tour through Europe like he did. *sigh* But I don't envy the arthritis in his hands that he is suffering from. What a scary thought. I try to keep drawing as much as I can because I suspect that some day I will develop arthritis in my drawing hand and will no longer be able to draw. Renoir had it bad in his hands, but he still tried to paint. So sad, so sad.
5. Started listening to the audiobook of Twilight Re-imagined. I had to. Curiosity got the best of me. I'm analyzing it to see if certain things still work with the gender reversal. So far, it doesn't work as well as the original version. A strong guy in love with a clumsy girl is more appealing to me than a strong girl in love with a clumsy guy. I guess it depends on your taste. Writing it was probably an interesting exercise for Stephenie Meyer.

This post is a tiny bit late because I got sidetracked in the middle of it. I'm glad I got it done, though.

My husband worked on The Jungle Book movie which we plan on seeing with family this weekend. I'm glad the reviews were good! My husband used to tell me stories about what a nice guy John Favreau was while he was working on the movie. I'm glad it turned out well for him. In Hollywood, it seems like those types of people are hard to come by.

What are you celebrating?
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  1. Although I love the 1st illustration, the second is even cuter. Congrats on getting it done! Sounds like you had a busy, successful week too.

  2. Wow - you're really busy! I like both drawing styles, but agree the second is cuter. I'm dying to see Mad Max! Yay for exercising! (I was supposed to yesterday but didn't. *blush*) how cool your husband worked on Jungle Book! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Love the one of the little girl behind the door!

  4. Loved the one of the little girl behind the door.

  5. Nice paintings! I like the second one better, too. It seems much more cute and friendly because the boy in the chair isn't frowning the way he is in the first picture. It conveys a lighter mood. Wow, you accomplished a lot this week! That's really cool that your husband worked on the Jungle Book. I haven't seen it yet, but will at some point. Have a great week!