Friday, December 4, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things - Dec. 4

I am a notebook fiend. I have many notebooks for different things. I have a notebook for strange stories that I hear, a notebook for my story ideas, a book of comic book ideas, a daily journal, a book of metaphysical things I learn, a book of picture book ideas, a to-do book, a book of writing advice I learned, and a book of characters. I am thinking of starting a sketchbook with just drawings of cartoon monsters.

I started the book of characters to list types of people for possible inclusion in my novels, comic books, or picture books. I wanted to list interesting people (made up or real) and be able to see them on paper so that I could imagine what it would be like if they met each other or if they were thrown together in certain situations. The list I started was sort of boring in the written form. Since I've been inspired by Lynda Barry's work lately, I decided to draw and paint characters right on the lined paper like she does. It doesn't matter that the paper buckles. It's sort of charming that way and I love how the paper sounds when you touch it or turn the page.

This is my first page of drawing in this book of characters:

I haven't written on the page yet, but I plan on describing this person a little bit. She is a combination of two people that I've seen at the gym. She works out with guys at the gym and when I see her she pretends that she doesn't see me even though I've talked to her before. I imagine that she thinks I'm a Chatty Cathy because I know a lot of people at the gym and end up talking to them.

So, I'm celebrating Lynda Barry and her inspiration for my book of characters. 

My artist friend, Angela (, offered to share a booth to sell my artwork with her and her twin sister at one of the conventions coming up. I got excited about it and decided to do some paintings on canvas. I couldn't start without straightening up my workspace, so I got a shelf from the garage and filled it with books that inspire me. Yay!


I got my scanner to work properly (I previously thought it was broken) and scanned all the pages of my dummy picture book. So far so good...

What are you celebrating?
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  1. Yay for being inspired! I love how you have so many notebooks. I have messy sheets of paper. So cool to draw your characters instead of just list them. Great that you got the scanner working. Have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. I like notebooks, too, but I don't have nearly as many. They're great for organizing. Love your character drawing! Good luck with selling your artwork at the convention! Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas holiday!

  3. Ohhh those are just lovely!! I love notebooks. One of my favorite things is to ask writers about their notebooks, because the answers are always different :-)