Friday, May 29, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things - May 29, 2015


This week, I finished this sketchbook that I started in 2010. Next to it is one of the drawings from it.


Out with the old, in with the new. I learned how to make my own sketchbooks from watching SeaLemonDIY's videos on YouTube. Below are my first two attempts. I am in the process of drawing something on the pink cover. I plan on drawing and painting on both covers. I just haven't found time to get any farther on them this week. The sketchbook on the top has beads on the binding which was fun to make. I love beads! I am looking forward to making more sketchbooks and plan on trying one with a cloth cover. I might even use a cereal box as a cover. That would be fun! Cap'n Crunch or Spongebob!


This week, I put off my picture book illustrations and writing to learn more about the craft of writing Picture Books by reading Ann Whitford Paul's book Writing Picture Books. I've been taking lots of notes and am halfway through the book. It's very good for novel writing as well. She takes all the stuff we hear about writing and, for me, makes some of it a little clearer. It's time well spent.

What are you celebrating?

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  1. Go you for making your own sketchbooks! When I was a resort singer, I made lyrics notebooks that looked a bit like those. I had different colors for different things like languages and rhythm/dance-style. It's a good way to stay organized and save money. Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on making your own sketchbooks! Isn't it amazing the wealth of information available on Youtube? :) Enjoy your weekend!