Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wondercon and Woolbuddies 2015

My kids dressed up as Batman and Robin for Wondercon this past weekend. My husband made both costumes and I helped paint the Robin costume. My husband has a talent for making costumes and they come out good.

My older son loved the Woolbuddies booth. It was by far his favorite. He went back to it 4 times. I think this was their first year there. He bought kits, wool, and an extra needle. Oh, and he also bought this book:


My husband was getting sick of hearing him talk about it over and over again. lol 

Below is a picture of my son at the booth. The vendor took his picture with one of the wool pieces that matched his Batman color scheme. My younger son was the first to spot the booth. He pulled me there because the giant dinosaur looks similar to Godzilla. They both were impressed with that giant dinosaur. As for me, I was impressed with the way they made the animals by just poking the needle into the wool. I mean, who thinks of these things? It's ingenious!

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