Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bigfoot Sightings Map

When I went to David Paulides' web site to buy his Missing 411 books, I saw this map of Bigfoot sightings in North America. It opens up like a regular road map. If you're interested in Bigfoot, it's a cool map to have. I didn't really think much of Bigfoot a few years ago, but after I read the Missing 411 books about the people that have disappeared mysteriously in the woods, I became a believer. I thought I could sleuth my way into coming up with a logical explanation for their disappearances, but it's nearly impossible. Footprints that disappear in a field of fresh snow? Hmmm. Curious. That's not even the weirdest part of the books. I wrote a pretty good review of these books on Goodreads. 

I just went to the web site to get the link for this map ( and found out that there are 2 more Missing 411 books. Aaaghhh! He's killing me! He said he wouldn't write any more of these! Now I want those other books. He doesn't mention Bigfoot at all in these books. He just states the facts surrounding the disappearances and you are left to try to figure out what happened to them. At first you're thinking, oh, it's a murderer or serial killer killing them, or they just got lost on their own, but no. The author weeds out those cases. These are just the weird, mysterious cases. I feel sorry for those people and their families. And people are still going missing in our national forests. Yeah, I won't be going camping...EVER.

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