Friday, March 27, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things - Mar. 27, 2015

My kids are home on Spring Break this week, but I managed to get a tiny bit of writing and drawing done. I skipped my workout last night to work on my picture book because the beginning of the week was crazy and draining. 

Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of my dad's passing. I prayed for him that morning before I headed out to the hospital to visit my mother-in-law who just had a stroke. She had 5 mini strokes, but luckily she is still alert, talking, moving, and walking. Her right arm is numb, but she can use it pretty normally. Although she wasn't able to walk very well in the beginning, she left the hospital without having to use a walker. With physical therapy, we hope she will regain full use of her left eye in which she sees with blurred vision.

Sometimes when I am listening to podcasts or audiobooks, my mind makes up alternate stories for the characters or makes up new stories, so I decided to look for an audiobook to listen to while I worked on drawings for my picture book. I found The Lying Game by Sara Shepard. She wrote the Pretty Little Liars series which I love. I was kind of skeptical about The Lying Game because I saw a few episodes of the TV show and found that it wasn't as good as the Pretty Little Liars show. BUT, I love the book so far! Now I'm a total fan of Sara Shepard! I wish I could've met her when I was working at my old job because the company produces Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. I don't have time to watch much TV now, so I don't even know if The Lying Game is still running. I have to rush on over to Goodreads now and fan-follow Sara Shepard.

Oh, and this is a drawing I finished this week that is NOT for my picture book:


I did this one the day before which actually counts as the week prior, but I'm still celebrating it. lol

What are you celebrating?  
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  1. As usual, beautiful drawings! I'm sorry about your dad. And I'll say a little prayer for your mother-in-law that she has a quick recovery. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your work is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Your MIL is in my prayers.
    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    Caring for My Veteran

  3. Hope your mother-in-law's condition does improve.

  4. It sounds like you have a lot going on and you're becoming a master at juggling things around. I hope your MIL recovers soon. I really like the pictures. The second reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Good luck with your PB! :)

  5. Great artwork - I've got two teenage boys hanging around so it's always spring break around here. Right at this moment one of them is telling me a Bo Burnham joke while I try to type this comment ;p Have fun when you get some quiet.