Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Halloween and Comikaze 2014

For Halloween and Comikaze 2014, we dressed as Clark Kent from Smallville, Batman Arkam Origins, Godzilla, and Mothra.

My husband, Boola, was supposed to be Batman Beyond, but he didn’t like the way it turned out, so he went as Clark. He made our son’s Batman costume which came out phenomenal. He wrapped all the pieces of armor with grey cloth and cut out the bat symbol. He made the gauntlets out of foam. I hate doing crafty stuff like that, so if I had to do it, I would’ve turned into Godzilla myself.

I painted the Godzilla costume, but I didn’t mind it so much because I like to paint. My husband added lights to the mouth and fins. He also put a sound box in it that roared like Godzilla when our son pressed the button in his hand.

When we went to the Kaiju panel, the panel guests liked the Godzilla costume so much they had my son go up on stage. He loved the attention.

Boola made the Batman cape just before we left the house on the last day of the convention. It was a big hit. When our son opened the wings, people lost their minds in excitement and came running to get a picture of him.

John Barrowman, the actor from Torchwood, loved their costumes, too. He wanted to take a picture of Godzilla attacking him. What a nice and personable guy! He was a lot of fun.

My husband spotted Sam Witwer, the actor from Smallville who played Doomsday, in the crowd. Doomsday is the character who eventually kills Superman.


At the end of the day, we were tired and hungry, but this was the first time the kids had fun dressing up for a convention. They loved their costumes.


We told them that next year they’re getting store-bought costumes. I don’t want to work on costumes next year, but that’s what I said this year. We’ll see. I still want to be a gnome.

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