Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Phantom Notepad

I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to write about anything paranormal in a while. There are several things I wanted to write about which I have heard about recently, such as The Dyatlov Pass mystery, the discovery of "little people" or "wee folk" bones in a cave, and a dream I had of a white house that several relatives of mine have also dreamt about. I hope to write about these things in later posts.

It's midnight now and I just wanted to quickly post about a funny thing that happened to me today.

My kids each have a notepad in which they write information to study regarding their martial arts lessons. They haven't written in them for two years. Today, they were learning something they needed to memorize, so I briefly looked for their notepads for them to use. I found the one for my older son in the living room, but not the other. My younger son didn't care enough to want to write anything down anyway, so I stopped looking.

Later, I went into another room to work on my computer. Our dog's crate is in the same room. As I was typing, I heard something slide off of the dog's crate and fall on the floor. In my peripheral vision, I saw her ears perk up as it fell in front of her. When I looked, it was my son's notepad! I never knew the notepad was there in the first place. Remember, he hadn't used it in two years! Why it slid off the crate is beyond me because no one was around it to knock it down. It should not have been there anyway.

Maybe someone was trying to tell my younger son to stop watching Godzilla videos and start studying his martial arts more seriously. lol!

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  1. That's creeping me out!! I want to go hide under the covers now.