Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking Like A Giant

I play a video game called Clash of Clans with my kids where you use troops like wizards, archers, goblins, giants, etc. 

Recently, when I went to pick up my kids from their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, they came running to me very excited. 

They said, "Mom! Our new coach looks just like the giant in Clash of Clans!"
I said, "Shh! Don't say that!"
The older one said, "What? He does."
The little one said, "He does! He does!"
I said, "Keep your voices down."
Then they spotted him from far away and pointed at him. "There he is!"
I saw him and said, "Oh. He does look like the giant. But don't point."
They said, "Can we tell him?"
I said, "No!"

Geez, I thought they were old enough to understand not to say embarrassing things about people that might hurt their feelings. I already had the talk with them about this years ago. 

Anyway, here is what the giant in Clash of Clans looks like: