Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - July 4

This week I managed to change our water filtration system with the help of my young son. It took over an hour, but it was way overdue for a change. Since I had to twist the knobs under the sink to shut the water off, the valve now has a slow leak. *hangs head*

When my husband came home, he didn't get a pleasant surprise that the water filters were changed. Instead, he got an unpleasant surprise to hear that now we have a leak.

This always seems to happen. We fix one thing only to have another problem sprout up. And it's the 4th of July, so the stores aren't open to get the parts we need.

This is not the first time something like this has happened on a holiday weekend. *Sigh*

Yesterday, when I went to the gym, I was told the water would be turned off for 2 hours. Great. Of all the times to shut it off is when I'm there.

So, I do my workout and go to the locker room. The water is working. Yay! I hear the showers going. Someone tells me that they shut it off earlier and that now they are back on. Alright! Things are finally going well! I get undressed, wrap my towel around me, and go to the showers. I turn the water on and...nothing. No water. Great. Fantastic. Why did it work for the other girl and not for me? The other girl didn't even see the sign that the water was going to be turned off. Not a care in the world and she had her shower as usual.

I decided to wait a bit to see if it would turn on. Slowly, water started to trickle out of the showerhead. Okay. Better than nothing. At least I could wash my armpits and rinse the sweat off. Mind you I had less than a half hour to shower, fix my face, and pick up my kids from the kids club before they closed. So my massive mane of long sweaty hair wouldn't get washed. I could just tie it back until I got home. At least I wouldn't get sweat on my car seat.

Then finally, by the grace of God, the water started to come out more and more until it was like a jet stream ready to knock me over. That was an improvement actually because the water pressure wasn't good in that shower even before they shut the water off.

So, I guess I can celebrate that, too. I got my shower even though I was 4 min. late to pick up my kids. 


  1. Urgh it's horrible when stuff like these happens. Congrats on being able to keep your cool throughout though and what a good attitude! Have a great weekend!

  2. 4 minutes late doesn't count as you wee perfectly on time :) Why do things break when the stores are closed? It's like the kids getting sick on Saturday...just in time for the doctors to be closed for the weekend. Murphy's law! I hope the rest of your weekend is better and that you get your leak fixed without any other complications!