Thursday, June 26, 2014

Exercises Are Not Self-Explanatory

Yesterday, I worked out by myself at the gym since my husband was at work and his friends were working out at different times. I had my notes and my printed sheets to work with, but this is the start of block 2 of the workout, so the exercises are ordered differently.

My husband hates when we ask him what is next since he gives us printed sheets. I tell him that I don't ask what is next. I ask what the exercises mean. I'm not familiar with the names of some of the exercises. He said that they are self-explanatory, i.e., "seated bicep curl" is where you sit down and curl the arm with a dumbbell to work out the bicep. I get that.

So, I was at the gym writing all the arm exercises down (it was arm day) from the previous weeks since they were combined with other body parts prior. I know I was doing them out of order, but whatever. At least I was doing them.

I got through the exercises fine without dropping the weight on myself and such, so I decided to work out my legs since I skipped that day. I do them and get to "Bulgarian Squats." A-ha! THAT is not self-explanatory. I don't know how Bulgarians squat even if they do squat differently. There is a parallel squat, a sumo squat, and a Bulgarian squat. The toes are pointed out in one of those exercises. I don't remember if sumo wrestlers squat with their toes pointed out or not. I'm sure I did the exercise wrong because I started to feel pain somewhere down below. Maybe it was my back or knees or groin. I don't remember, so I had to stop.

I told this to my husband when he got home from work. It turns out he forgot to give me the sheet of exercises for the week. I was supposed to do more than what I did. *dark cloud over head* :(

But I just looked up "Bulgarian Squats" and "Sumo Squats" and guess what? I did them wrong! Haha! I didn't know Bulgarians squatted with one leg on a stool behind them. Who knew? I did learn, however, that sumo squats are good for the inner thighs. Good to know.

Today is cardio day, but I'm going to add those squats in just for the halibut. It'll be like an international squat day. Get it? Bulgaria and Japan. I guess it's self-explanatory now... :o/

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