Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things, Friday the 13th of June

Besides having accomplished absolutely nothing this week as far as writing, we finally got our washing machine hooked up. It was no easy task. One thing went wrong after another. We went over a week without doing laundry! That's a lot of unwashed laundry considering I do 4-5 loads a week.

I ran out of my regular sport bras to work out in, so I had to wear a couple of tight ones. Ugh! Luckily I lost a bit of weight so they weren't as tight as they used to be, but still I was not a happy camper.

My son had to wear shirts that he outgrew. Luckily they were the ones he wears under his gi, so no one was able to tell.

I just wanted a basic washing machine, but the ones out now are electronic. I don't even know if I'm washing the clothes correctly. I washed the darks in cold water, but when I opened the door to the washer, the clothes were hot. Huh? I thought the hoses were hooked up to the wrong pipes, so I washed the next load in hot water thinking that the hot water hose was connected to the cold water. No. Life just can't be that easy. It started off with cold water, but in the end, the water was hotter than before. I really need to read the manual thoroughly, but who likes to read manuals? Not me. I need to make time to do it. Sigh. Just another thing I need to do. I hope we didn't get a lemon. That would make me really sour.


  1. I hate reading manuals too. Sorry to hear about the washing machine troubles. Very frustrating when stuff like this happens. Hope things get sorted soon.

  2. Oh my, I appreciate the complicated washer. Why can't they just have one model with just the basics. Here in Ecuador we have been using a service that picks up and delivers for $5 a load plus a $3 fee for the door to door service. We are getting ready to move into an apartment that has hookups for a washer/dryer. Do we buy one? If so, will I be able to figure out the Spanish instructions? LOL!

  3. Doing laundry has gotten a bit complicated but it's better than beating the clothes on rocks in the river.

  4. Manuals are for Suckers! Okay, not really. Maybe you should read the manual :) Good luck figuring it all out.