Wednesday, May 28, 2014

High Strangeness At School

A friend of mine went to work one day at an elementary school and found that some of the chairs were rearranged to face the wall. Her paperwork pinned to a bulletin board was all re-pinned to where the sheets were diagonal/askew. It freaked her out a bit. I guess someone could've come in the room after she had gone home and rearranged things, but no one confessed and she may have had the only keys.

That's not the only strange thing. There is a teacher at that school who had a student die of an epileptic seizure. A month later to the day, another student in the same class died of an epileptic seizure. Now that is really weird.

I have heard that epileptic seizures are sometimes related to supernatural phenomena. It also can happen to anyone and be just a one time thing.

I have another friend who had a seizure just once in her life a couple of years ago and there is also paranormal activity in her house. Hmmm, something to ponder on...

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