Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gluten Free Burgers With No Bun?!

I’m trying not to post anything negative, but I can’t help but gripe about restaurants that say they serve gluten free burgers when they really don’t. If there is no bun, that’s not a burger. It’s more like a lettuce wrap. It’s very disappointing to see this on the menu. When I come across restaurants like this, I just steer my family away from it. If other restaurants like Ruby’s Diner and Red Robin can serve gluten free burgers with gluten free buns, then the other restaurants can do the same. I also hate those restaurants that say they have gluten free items on their menu, but those items are just salads without the dressing and apple slices or some other fruit on the side. If I were a rabbit, that would be great. Otherwise, I might as well have just eaten at home. One time my family went to a vegetarian restaurant thinking there would be gluten free items on the menu. No. It was a Chinese restaurant, so they put soy sauce in just about everything. Soy sauce has gluten in it. The rest of the food was fried in a wheat flour based batter. The only thing I was able to eat was steamed broccoli. I was steamed as well. More and more people are discovering that they are gluten sensitive, have celiac disease, or have a gluten allergy. I didn’t even know I had a gluten sensitivity until two years ago. I probably had it all my life and never knew it just like a lot of people walking around today. You can have it without any symptoms. My maternal grandparents died of stomach cancer which can be caused by gluten. My brother just told me that he added gluten protein to one of his meals and got a bad stomach ache from it. He is noticing that whenever he eats food with gluten in it, such as oatmeal, he gets stomach aches. He didn’t even know oatmeal contained gluten. He thought it was gluten free and thought it was labeled as such also thinking the company lied about it being gluten free. We told him that oatmeal does have gluten in it, but if he still wanted to eat oatmeal there is a gluten free one available. I can’t help but wonder how many people are walking around with a gluten sensitivity that don’t even know it and will someday come down with some sort of cancer. Maybe it’s too late for me as well, since I’ve been consuming gluten for most of my life. On a brighter note, Ruby’s Diner and Red Robin have awesome burgers! We go there for our “cheat days” after eating cleanly the rest of the week. We love getting their chocolate sundaes as an extra treat, too. I rarely ate burgers before discovering my gluten sensitivity, but I can appreciate them now since my food choices are limited.

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