Friday, May 23, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things, May 23

I didn't post any of my accomplishments last Friday because I didn't have any except for Illustration Friday which I do every week anyway on my smallkeedtime blog. It was a very unproductive and depressing week. I felt like a maidservant to my family and I didn't get very far with my writing. I also ate a lot of ice cream over the weekend. I felt and saw it in my waistline.

This week is a little better. I finished my illustration for the week, but I also lifted heavier weights at the gym. I've decided to lift heavier from here on out. No more 20 reps of light weight. I need results. Muscle burns fat. I don't want to be a weakling. All the women in my self defense class are bigger and heavier than me. I got a bloody ear and ugly bruises, but I've done well against them so far. I need to keep it that way.

The best compliment I got this week was when a friend said that I lift heavier than some of the guys in the gym. I'll take that. :o) Not bad for a mom.

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  1. I am glad you have had a better week and wow well done on the weight lifting ;)