Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z Challenge: U is for Uzumaki, Naruto

It was tough coming up with a "U" topic. I didn't have any funny underwear stories and I haven't read Under the Never Sky yet. The first thing that actually comes to my mind when I think of "U" is the name Underhill which is the name Frodo uses for himself when he goes to The Prancing Pony pub in The Lord of the Rings. Geeky, huh?

The second thing that comes to mind is Uzumaki, as in Naruto Uzumaki which is equally as geeky. I love watching Naruto and I love his character. He's goofy and can be annoying, but he has ninja skills that can surpass any other ninja in the series...if he can just master them. He never goes back on his word and he's very loyal to his friends even though some of them don't deserve his friendship. He has good traits that we all wish we could have.

I actually saw Naruto this past weekend at the Wondercon. He had his Rasengan and we were ready to fight crime together. lol That costume was so awesome! I totally geeked out. I was ready to chase him down to get a picture with him. He used crumpled paper and transparent string or fishing line to make the Rasengan. It worked great! It looks like it's floating in the picture.

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  1. Lost on both your subjects, but agree U is a tough letter