Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z Challenge: S is for Student Drivers, Spongebob, and Suitcase Exhibit


Student drivers who plague my neighborhood. Yes, if you straighten your wheel after you make a right turn, you won’t crash into the curb. Also, pedestrians have the right of way. Sorry to break it to you. And yes, you must actually stop at a stop sign. It’s not a suggestion.

The drivers in my area are so bad that I’m afraid to drive when it rains because if they’re bad when it’s not raining, they’ll be worse when it’s raining.

I think the driving schools are passing people who shouldn’t be passed. If these people are not driving way below the speed limit, they are driving up onto the curbs, crashing into things, and unfortunately running people over.  

They drive like Spongebob. Do you know how Spongebob drives? He goes to driving school for years, but never passes because he breezes through stop signs, veers off the road, crashes, and doesn’t know how to park or reverse. It’s kinda like that here, except the driving instructors pass them. We need more instructors like Mrs. Puff who never passes Spongebob.

On a more serious note, S is also for Suitcase Exhibit. When the Willard mental hospital closed down, suitcases that belonged to the patients were found in the attic. Some of the suitcases had not even been opened since their owners packed them. There were patients that stayed there for decades and died there. Some were not mentally ill at all. There is a cemetery on the property with unmarked graves where patients were buried.

For a glimpse into the lives of some of these patients, view the exhibit here: www.suitcaseexhibit.org/indexhasflash.html

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