Friday, April 18, 2014

A to Z Challenge: P is for People at Weddings

Although it would seem logical that I would talk about subjects like the paranormal, podcasts, Paris, or psychics, I figured that if I haven’t already written about those subjects, I probably will in the future.

I wanted to write about something different. That is people at weddings. I’ve been to a good amount of weddings and even had one myself. I know it’s hard to make the seating chart for the reception. In fact, it’s a pain in the butt. You can’t put certain people together because they don’t get along or they just broke up or got divorced. Or you want to seat the couples with kids together. Or certain people will be angry if you didn’t seat such-and-such near them. Or maybe you want to play matchmaker.

Before kids, my husband and I used to be seated at the “couples” table which I guess is better than the “singles” table. At the “singles” table it just feels awkward. Like the bride and groom are trying to set you up with someone there.

The “couples with kids” table is awkward because your conversation is constantly interrupted by either your kids or the other person’s kids. If any of the kids throws a tantrum or says something inappropriate, that’s just embarrassing for all of the adults there. The parents are put on the spot because all of the other parents are watching to see how they will handle the situation.

My husband and I always seem to be seated at a table with weirdos or people I don’t want to be around. That’s the “friends” table. You wonder how your friend could put you next to these people and then you have this horrifying thought that if your friend’s friends are weird, then you must be, too. One time we were seated next to a guy who was socially inept. He kept saying inappropriate things all night, whether drunk or not. I think he was nervous, I’ll give him that. Maybe. He had a high paying job and kept reminding us of that. I kept thinking, “Why are they friends with him?” and “Where else can we sit?” and “Is it time to go, yet?” But, the food was fantastic, and I’m all about the food.

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