Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A to Z Challenge: N is for Nives Cicin-Sain

If I had time and took up a hobby, it would be paper maché. Ever since I saw the work of Nives Cicin-Sain, I realized that paper maché figures could be beautiful. They are not the lumpy newspaper figures that you see in grade school projects. The artist uses toilet paper to get a smoother surface texture. She is very creative and even uses shoes as part of her sculptures. I have never seen paper maché done like this before.

If I won the lottery, paper maché like this would be one of my hobbies.

Here is the link to her official web site.

This is the link to a video of her doing a demo in her native language.



  1. This is really interesting! But I have to tell you the audio did not work on the video of her making things. All my settings seemed OK

  2. PS I forgot to tell you where I'm located in the challenge:
    I do hope you can fix the audio. The video looked really good.

  3. Hi Mary! I just checked the link to the audio and it was fine when I tried it. The audio is spoken in Croatian or Serbian, so unless you understand those languages, the audio wouldn't help much anyway. You can also search Nives Cicin-Sain on YouTube to find the video. There might be more videos about her there as well.