Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z Challenge: J is for Joe Who

Joe Who is a Voice Natural Direct Sensitive. That means he can see things about you after hearing your voice. Sort of like a psychic. He's very good.

One night, someone called Dave Shrader who is the host of Darkness Radio. A child was missing at a theme park. I think the child was autistic and was on a field trip with classmates. He got separated from the group. They were looking for him for several hours, but could not find him. The park was about to close, so someone called Dave to see if he knew any psychics who could help. He couldn't get a hold of several psychics, but when he called Joe Who, Joe picked up. Just by listening to Dave's voice who had spoken with the other person who was looking for the boy, Joe picked up that the child was outside of the park in a gift shop with a couple. He said that the child was all right and that the couple was waiting for the group to leave the park so they could be reunited with the boy.

Dave relayed the message to the caller. They did find the boy in a gift shop outside the park with a couple.


  1. Replies
    1. I believe it to be true. He's a guest on Darkness Radio pretty often and does readings on the show. I listen to the podcast because I'm not in Minnesota where the show is broadcast.