Thursday, April 3, 2014

A To Z Challenge: C is for Coast to Coast AM

I used to listen to Coast-to-Coast AM for over 20 years. They talk about subjects like UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, demons, angels, miracles, conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, earthquakes, etc.

I started listening back in the days when Art Bell was hosting. He was such a good host. I don’t think there will be another host like him again. It’s a shame he retired. He was patient with the callers and even if they sounded totally nuts, he would give them the benefit of the doubt and “sound” like he believed them. Even if they were nuts, the show is set up for them to voice their story since they couldn’t tell it anywhere else. His reactions to their stories were sometimes funny, too and he didn’t cut them off for the purpose of time constraints.

Now they talk more about health issues like cancer prevention, heart attack prevention, stem cells which is informative and interesting to some extent, but I don’t want to hear about it all the time. They also talk a lot about where they think the economy is going, the moon, mars, prophecies, crop circles, chem trails, etc. After so many years of listening, I’m tired of listening to those topics, so I stopped listening to the show a few months ago.

I stop in on their website once every 2 weeks to get interesting stories for my son to do his news report on for school. I just checked it now and found out that one of the guests, Evelyn Paglini, died of heart failure a few days ago on March 29. That’s sad. She was a longtime guest. I remember her having a distinct voice. I never saw what she looked like until now. She has a pretty face. She talked about magic and gave predictions. She had a shop online called Mystical Blend where she sold essential oils and ritual supplies. Apparently, her friend is going to continue to sell the items until they are all gone then close the shop.

So many guests on the show have passed away. I guess that’s an indication of how long I had been listening to it.

Now I’m interested in listening to shows about scary stuff like ghosts, cryptids, demons, black-eyed kids and the like which leads to the topic I am going to talk about tomorrow. That’s why I left Coast-to-Coast AM. If I run into any of these strange entities, I like to arm myself with knowledge on how to deal with them. I know a lot of people who have experienced ghosts and other scary entities, so I believe they do exist. I think the ones who are not ghosts have been here longer than we have.

I still have fond memories of Coast-to-Coast AM and I may stop in to listen once in a while. They are one of the top rated late-night talk shows that run nationally and can be heard globally on the internet. There are a lot of Canadian listeners and listeners as far as Australia and Italy.

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  1. I think it would be kind of fun to listen to stories about odd things like big foot sightings and UFOs. Too bad they still don't do that!