Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who do you trust more: yourself or others?

I trust myself on most things except handling things that are fragile. I’m a klutz, so I’m prone to dropping things, spilling things, tripping on cracks on the sidewalk, etc. Just last night, I spilled my blue drawing ink. Almost the entire contents are soaked in paper towels in the trash right now.

It’s weird because I’m very agile when it comes to doing physical exercise like cartwheels, punching, kicking, doing forward rolls, back rolls, rolling from a running start, skating, skateboarding, etc. But stuff like hand-offs, I suck at.

My husband and I have to be really careful handing off a carton of eggs at the grocery store. He’ll hand me the plastic bag with the egg carton in it and he’ll say, “You got it?” I’ll say, “Yeah, I got it.” Then he hands it off and it slips right through my hands onto the floor. Yes, that has happened and we had 2 other close calls just like that. I think that I put my fingers through the loops, but they are not the loops. They are in between the loops. So now I just choke the bag at the top and put my other hand underneath the carton just in case.

My son almost lost a carton of eggs the same way. I must’ve passed the klutz gene down to him.

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