Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Returning Lego Piece

My son, Bodhi, was showing my older son, Kaleo, a Lego piece that was chewed up by our dog. I heard Kaleo say, “Whoa! How did that get there?”

When I asked what was going on, Kaleo told me that he had thrown that piece in the trash a month ago. It somehow reappeared. He said it was the same piece because it had the same markings on it.

I said, “Maybe it stuck to your hand when you threw it away.”
He said, “No. I saw it land in the trash.”
I said, “Maybe a leprechaun did it.”
Bodhi said, “Stupid leprechaun!”
I said, “Don’t say that. He might hear you.”

Although I do believe in the wee folk, they probably didn’t bring back the Lego piece. But, you never know. ;o)  Maybe the ghost boy followed us home from the gym. Haha! Darn ghost boy.


  1. I've never heard of reappearing Legos, only disappearing ones. We have lots of those.

    Did you feed the gremlins after midnight?

  2. lol! My kids just watched the Gremlins movie the other day! I don't think my youngest was ready for it. He said he never wants to watch that again. He's afraid of gremlins now.

    It's a good movie, but I was angry that there is a line in there that Santa isn't real. My kids still believe in Santa. They shouldn't have put that line in a movie meant for kids.