Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Memory Keeper's Daughter and Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown

I’m currently reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I don’t know why some of the reviews on it are bad. It’s riveting to me, but I’m only about a quarter of the way in. Lots of books start off really good then fizzle out. I hope this remains good until the end.

It’s about a nurse named Caroline who had a crush on a doctor who married someone else. The doctor’s wife has twins, but one of the babies has Down’s Syndrome. Thinking the baby will die young like his own sister, the doctor tells the nurse to take the baby away and drop her off in a special home. He tells his wife that the baby died. The nurse can’t drop the baby off with the horrible woman she met at the home, so she decides to keep the baby.

There is a man that helps Caroline out when her car breaks down. He’s her love interest and seems sympathetic to her and the baby. At this point, I really want them to get together. That’s part of what makes a good story, right?

I can see the doctor means well, but he really screwed up big time. He wanted to save his wife from future grief, but now she’s grieving over her dead baby that’s not really dead.

As I stated before, I read more than one book at a time. I’m just weird that way. It just so happens, I’m only reading two as of today.

The second book I’m reading, or I should say, “still” reading is Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown. I’m over halfway through.

Each chapter goes over an episode of the show, Paranormal State. It’s sort of a behind-the-scenes look at each episode.

Since I already saw all of the episodes, I wasn’t that interested in reading about them again until I got to the part where Ryan meets Chip Coffey in person for the first time. Ryan initially thought Chip was full of crap, but when Chip accurately named a demon that was messing with Ryan, Ryan went ballistic on the production crew. He thought they gave Chip the name just to get Ryan’s reaction on film. This was all off-camera, so it’s interesting to read about what happened. Ryan seems so calm on camera all the time.

I’m anxious to get back to the book, but I had to post this before midnight to get my post in for today.  

Sweet dreams!

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  1. I have not read either of these, but when you can't put a book down, that is fabulous!