Monday, March 31, 2014

Tell us one thing you learned about yourself this month

Wow! I just realized that this is the last day of the March National Blog Posting Month Challenge. I made it! This was the first month that I posted something every day on my blog. That is a big change for me. Even though I’ve had my blogs for over a year, I’ve never posted every day. I used to think once a week was a lot.

Now I know a bit more about blogging and hope to post more often than once a week!

What did I learn about myself this month? I learned that, hey, I like to blog! I’ve had art blogs for years, but mainly just posted my artwork and never really wrote much on them. Now that I was “forced” to post every day for this challenge, I am more comfortable with revealing more of myself to whoever stops by to read my blog.

I didn’t realize that I had so much to say. I knew I had a lot of stories and experiences in my life, but I have always been private about them. Since I’ve blogged so much this month, I’ve found that it’s not so bad letting these stories go.

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