Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stray dogs and Earthquakes

When I was out with my family today eating outside at a restaurant, we saw 3 stray dogs wandering around together. They looked well kept and at least one of them had a collar. I was worried about them because they kept crossing the street. Luckily they were at a 4-way intersection with stop signs so the cars were all driving slow.

My next thought was, "Uh oh, we're going to have a big earthquake."

According to Jim Berkland, animals know when earthquakes are coming and tend to run away from their homes. That's when you see a lot of "lost pet" signs.

As we sat there eating, a 4th dog joined the group of 3. They went up and down the streets and around the block. I kept expecting the owners to come by and get their dogs. Didn't they notice their pets missing?

I didn't want to call the shelter because then they'd be killed for sure. We already took a stray dog in so we definitely couldn't take these dogs in. One was a young husky, another was brown with a curly tail (I'm not good with identifying dog breeds), one was a short white dog with long hair, and the last one was a black fluffy dog. I'm allergic to dogs, but it just so happens that I'm not allergic to our dog because she is part poodle. It was meant to be.

My oldest son was very worried about the dogs. I hope the owners found their dogs before it got dark. The black one was the slowest moving and would be hard to see in the dark. A police car drove by, but I couldn't see if it stopped for the dogs.

It's strange to see so many dogs lost together. It didn't seem like they were all from the same home, but who knows?

Maybe they were spooked from all the earthquakes we've been having. I heard we had another one yesterday afternoon. That's at least 4 earthquakes in 2 days. My mom said there were more. I've lived in California most of my life and I don't remember earthquakes being this active, ever.

Also, yesterday while I was visiting a friend, I noticed a "lost dog" sign posted on a tree outside their neighbor's house. Interesting.

Well, I guess we'll see if these lost dogs will be an indication of another earthquake.

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