Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nausea and Earthquakes

My Monday class at the gym consists of cardio and weight lifting. Today I had a really hard time in that class which was kind of unusual. My legs and arms couldn’t do all the sets and I felt nauseated. Maybe I worked out too hard, but I’ve worked out harder without feeling nauseated. I’m not pregnant, either.

After I left the class I asked 2 of the girls I knew from the class if they were also nauseated. One of them, Rika, said that she was.

I saw someone else I knew from the gym named Evelyn. She doesn’t take the class, but when I mentioned that I was nauseated, she said she was nauseated, too. She also said that her friend had just texted her to say that she couldn’t meet tonight because she was nauseated.

My friend speculated that maybe we were getting sick or there was something in the air. I already got sick last month, so I doubt I’m sick again.

Someone mentioned that maybe it means we’re going to have an earthquake.  We had a good sized earthquake last week and a small one today.

According to Jim Berklund, a geologist, animals can feel or sense when an earthquake is going to occur. It’s not paranormal. I think it’s scientific. Maybe animals feel the electromagnetic field increasing around the source of a potential earthquake. Or they can feel the tiny tremors that we don’t notice. The animals tend to get antsy and run out into the street and get killed or they run away from home. I saw road kill tonight. A dead cat. Poor cat.

Jim Berklund notices road kill and checks the Lost Pet ads. If there is an increase in lost pets, it’s a possible sign that an earthquake will occur.

The earthquake potential increases within a week or 2 before or after a full moon and especially a week or 2 before or after an eclipse. I think the theory has to do with the pull on the ocean waters by the moon. The massive weight of the water puts stress on the Earth.

Some people get headaches before an earthquake which leads me to wonder if the EMF field increase gives people headaches. Or maybe nausea?

My son had a headache and was not feeling well in his stomach the day before the earthquake last week. We thought he was getting sick, but he was fine after the earthquake.

One guy on the radio said his butt would spasm every time before a big earthquake and he was accurate every time. LOL! I wish I knew who he was so he could let me know when the next big earthquake was coming. The guy was totally serious, too. I love it.

Anyway, 3 other people besides me nauseated at the same time? That’s just suspicious. I thought there was some sort of high EMF or gas in the gym, but 1 person wasn’t even at the gym. Maybe the government is spraying some sort of “test” chemical on us. It has happened before.

Hmm…1 road kill + 4 nauseated people doesn’t add up to one small earthquake today that I didn’t even feel. I hope it doesn’t mean a bigger earthquake. The hot and cold weather is not helping either. Too much stress on the earth below.

We don’t have enough canned food to last us very long. Damn. Sucks for us if the big one hits.

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